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Hot Crossed Bunnies:

COTR 2019 series race #7

Day of Thunder:

COTR 2019 series race #6

Crosstober Fest:

COTR 2019 series race #5

Muc Off Cup:

Muc Off Cup is a true European cross course. It starts with a long wide open paved road before it heads into a switchback climb. The course incorporates a large grass area with tight turns but still has places to pass, a long stair run up and two sand sections. It has lots of elevation […]

Cross on the Commons:

COTR 2019 series race #3

Day of Thunder:

Race #8 in the Cross on the Rock Series and the series final. Location TBD. Highly likely Southern Island, maybe at a speedway.

Hot Crossed Bunnies:

Race #7 in the Cross on the Rock Series. More info to come.


Race #6 of the Cross on the Rock series. Location TBD. MID island for sure. Either at Cowichan Exhibitions, Sun Fest or Ladysmith. More info to come.

Sweeping out the cobwebs – NFR’s speedy September:

Cross arrived suddenly this year, it seemed. When the start gun fired at Topaz GP, some of us were more ready than others. Here at Naked Factory Racing, we existed in various states from fit and focused (most of us) to disorganized-verging-on-chaos (Terry). The women of Naked Factory Racing were looking sharp and on top […]

Lumber X:

Race #5 for Cross on the Rock 2018. Heading back to Port Alberni, BC! More details to come.