We believe in racing at the elite level as simply as possible.
Simplicity and minimalism is who we are: we are Naked Racing.

Naked Racing is a Vancouver Island based team of cyclocross racers who compete at the elite level on cyclocross bikes built by Naked Bicycles on Quadra Island, BC.

Naked Racing is rooted in the philosophy of riding to race, not training to race; power meters, heart rate monitors, and intervals are concepts not easily grasped by the team’s crash-rattled, hooch-addled skulls. For Naked Racing, the inspiration to ride, race, and win transpires from the uniquely diverse geography of the Pacific Northwest, and an unremitting desire to explore. Training constitutes gravel epics, converted road bike tours, Triple Crowns, midnight cross rides, and alley cats. While Naked Racing’s roots lie in Vancouver Island, the team functions as a cultural access-point to riding and racing culture throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Lower Mainland, Washington, and Oregon as well as on the international stage at Cyclocross World Cups and Cyclocross World Championships. – written by Naked Factory Team member and wordsmith, Terry McKall.

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Naked Bicycles & Design Naked Bicycles & Design is the work of Sam Whittingham, an internationally acclaimed bike builder, island hermit, and too-many-times-to-count NAHBS award winner. Naked produces top-drawer touring, track, road, and mountain bicycle builds in steel, stainless steel, and titanium.