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VCXC B-Team Superprestige Season Finale:

Back to the mainland again!! More info to come……

BC Cyclocross Championships:

Valley Cross will be hosting the BC Cyclocross Championship on November 25th at Clearbrook Park in Abbotsford.

MFG Woodland Park GP p/b Sub Pop:

Possible road trip to Seattle for the MFG Woodland Park GP, the last of the 2017 series. A high speed hilly loop through Woodland Park in central Seattle. From the slightly uphill paved start to the gravel climb on the backside, this loop will keep you breathing hard. Pick your lines right to keep your momentum […]

VCXC Queen’s Cross:

A gaggle of Naked racers are heading to the mainland for what’s stacking up to a very very wet ride !! Keep a look out for Mical, Regan, Sam, Terry, Halldor and Britt.

MFG North 40 CX p/b The Athletic:

In the works is a possible road trip to Washington to catch a couple of the MFG series. The MFG North 40 is happening in Tacoma. This venue is defined by its two run-ups and high speed descents from the hilltop of the Lemay Museum grounds. A balanced mix of cross skills, line picking, raw […]

Naked Factory Racing 2017/2018 Update:

We’re partway into the 2017/18 cyclocross season and we’re just catching our breath enough to update all of the exciting changes that have happened this year. And there’s a ton that’s happened so far! We’ve added a bunch of new, talented teammates, we’ve welcomed the support of an incredible group of sponsors, and, oh yeah, […]

Cross-ocalypse: BC Provincial CX Championships 2016:

Cross-ocalypse: BC Provincial CX Championships 2016 Words: Terry McKall Pictures: Patrick Burnham (IG: @palleus / ) As the only member of the team not to stand on the top of the podium, I have to vantage to, you know, document this thing. So, despite being the least successful member of Naked Factory Racing, you get […]