The Team

Emilly Johnston – Junior

Years Racing CX: 4
Age: 16
Frame Size:
SSXC Gear: Comox based phenom of anything on two wheels, Emilly has been tearing the legs off competitors all over for years now, and she’s not even old enough to vote. This year she’s expanded her domination across Canada, taking on the Canada Cup XCO series, where she frequently found her way onto the podium, and nabbing the U15 Women’s XCO Provincial Championships in Whistler.

Emilly joined the Naked Factory Racing family for the 2017 fall cyclocross season, having placed 2nd at 2016 Squamish BC Provincial Cyclocross Championships (a.k.a. Crossageddon) in the U17 Category (at 15 years old).  This summer 2018 has seen her travelling across Canada racing in the Canada Cup series for XCO in U17 coming in 1st overall. She was bumped up to Junior women’s category for the 2018 Canadian National XCO MTB Championships where she came in 2nd (and she’s only 16!).

Carter Woods – Junior

Years Racing CX: 3
Age: 17
Frame Size:
SSXC Gear: Carter lives in Cumberland, so it’s no surprise he’s quick on a mountain bike. Very quick. In addition to a U17 Provincial XCO Championship at the final Canada Cup in Whistler, and strong showings at Canada Cups. Carters also been racking up Enduro wins, from Island Cups to BCES, and winning U21 at the latest round of the Canadian National Enduro Series, at Big White ski resort. This summer Carter has been racing the Canada Cup XCO MTB series coming is 1st for Junior (U19) and winning the Canadian National XCO MTB Championships in Canmore this year (Junior category). Carter has been selected for the Canadian National team to race at the 2018 Mountain Bike World Championships in Lenzerheide, Switzerland this September.

Carter has been rapidly moving up the ranks of Cross on the Rocks over his three seasons of racing ‘Cross, taking the U17 Series win in 2016 and coming in 2nd in the Elite Men’s category for 2017. Carter followed Island domination up with a well executed win in the U17 category at BC Championships in Squamish 2017.

Jamie Cameron

Years Racing CX: 1st cx race in ’99, but consistently since 2009
Age: 39
Height: 180cm
Weight: 90kg
Frame Size: Large-ish
SSCX Gear: 50:24
Where are you from? Fort William, Scotland
Why the single speed thing? Simple, light, no chain.

Sum up the appeal of CX in no more than eight words (or a Haiku) Intense, fun, and not too serious

Favourite post-race indulgence? Hoyne Dark Matter

What was your first two-wheeled bike Raleigh Burner

Worst bike you’ve ever owned? 62cm Masi road bike

Favourite dead bike technology? Gears

What’s your proudest giant and/or adventure ride?

Riding from Oviedo to Bilbao through eh Picos de Europa mountains on an old mtb with paniers

Weirdest thing found on the side of the road while cycling?

A small gnome like statue of a rabbit

Current favourite “go fast” song? Wait So Long – Trampled By Turtles

Favourite recovery beer? See favorite post race indulgence

What kind of beast, technology, animal, or whatever do you envision yourself as while riding?

A whippet, it best matches my light frame and high speed.  Or an Elephant.

Halldór Gunnarsson

Years Racing CX: 9
Age: 39
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 210-ish
Frame Size: 58
SSXC Gear: Mjölnir…
…A custom Naked X with monster tubing, threaded bb and rocker dropouts.
Where are you from? Hvanneyri, Iceland

Why the single speed thing?It makes the racing more fun. It takes the pressure off and gives you an excuse if you’re sucking that day. There is a certain joy to just race your bike as fast as you can without thinking about shifting gears. Most of us obsess over tires pressures and such as much as the geared crew, but it’s just one less thing to worry about.

Sum up the appeal of CX in no more than eight words (or a Haiku)SAD’s be damned, get out there and shred.

Favourite post-race indulgence? Cold beer and greasy cheeseburgers.

What was your first two-wheeled bikeA Czechoslovakian coaster brake cruiser with a removable top tube. I rode it without the top tube until I was tall enough to install it again. What a glorious day that was.

Worst bike you’ve ever owned?I’ve always managed to make my bikes work for me, for better or for worse. It’s annoying when you’ve outgrown your bike skills wise or performance wise, but it’s not really the bikes’ fault. I’d like to think that I don’t get too sentimental when it comes to my bikes but I really can’t remember hating any of them. From a performance standpoint I think my 1954 CCM ladies loopframe is probably the worst. That thing is flexy! But at the same time it’s really fun. I’ve got a Cinelli road stem on it and 700X40c tires.

Favourite dead bike technology?Not that they’re dead, but I have a soft spot for coaster brakes.

What’s your proudest giant and/or adventure ride?I’m normally more of a day trip kinda guy, but I did an awesome ride from Victoria to Bamfield and back with my buddy Clay a few years ago. That was a good time.

Weirdest thing found on the side of the road while cycling?

I have not really found anything that crazy. You always see a few mufflers and such and the occasional shoe which is always a bit of a mystery. I’m just happy that the back country men and women are back to drinking cheap beer after a few embarrassing years of Palm Bays on the side of the road.

Current favourite “go fast” song?Neptune is Dead by altar of Plagues. It’s been a go to favorite for that purpose for some years. Old thrash metal will do the trick too, but I generally I don’t use music for this purpose. More of a coffee and warm up laps kinda guy.

Favourite recovery beer? Euro pilsners, if I have a choice

What kind of beast, technology, animal, or whatever do you envision yourself as while riding?An open class trophy truck barreling through the desert. Smooth and fast and on the ragged edge.

Terry McKall

Years Racing CX: uh, very off/on since 2007
Age: 34
Height: 195cm
Weight: 170lbs
Frame Size: 59 x 57
SSCX Gear: 40 x 18
Where are you from? Edmonton, Alberta.
Why the single speed thing?

It’s more fun! cyclocross is supposed to be fun – it’s an absurd sport. Plus there’s fewer things to stop working in the middle of a race.

Sum up the appeal of CX in no more than eight words (or a Haiku).Playing around on bikes in a field.

Favourite post-race indulgence? Beer

What was your first two-wheeled bike?A red and white mountain bike type thing with coaster brakes. I don’t remember anything about it, except crashing it trying to ride in the river valley.

Worst bike you’ve ever owned?A “modified” two speed aluminum Jamis mountain bike with a ’99 Rockshox Judy. It was a much nicer bike before 2 years of winter commuting in Edmonton.

Favourite dead bike technology? Skinsuits in DH racing.

What’s your proudest giant and/or adventure ride?Three long days of mountain biking in the Chilcotins last year. It is incredibly beautiful; the trails are really fun to ride, and it’s remote enough that you probably won’t see anyone else all day. There’s not many places around like that.

Weirdest thing found on the side of the road while cycling? A camel

Current favourite “go fast” song? Dark Skies Above, Bison.

Favourite recovery beer? Hoyne Pilsner, or whatever’s closest.

What kind of beast, technology, animal, or whatever do you envision yourself as while riding?Some kind of horse or something; not that quick or nimble at any point, but relentless and steady, and horses will run themselves to exhaustion right? I might also be a giraffe on a bicycle, but one that is surprisingly adequate at riding a bicycle considering one’s expectations for a giraffe on a bicycle.

Mical Dyck

Years Racing CX:
Age: 36
Frame Size:
SSXC Gear: Check out fellow Naked Racer, making a name for herself with a badass international race program HERE. Alongside Naked Bicycles, Mical is supported by Giro, Wd40-Bike, Shimano, Pro Components, Pearl Izumi, Nourish Kitchen and Cafe, Oakley Canada, Rumble Supershake, and Horst Engineering.

Ripping it up on a hand built, steel CX race rocket and a Titanium naked steed,  Mical has the palmares to match her positivity.

Mical hs been the  Canadian National Cyclocross champ, her second National title, and was the top North American finisher at the 2015 Cyclocross Worlds, placing 12th in Tabor, Czech Republic. Equally fast sans gears, she won Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in 2012.

Regan Pringle – Coach/Team Mechanic

Years Racing CX: Forever
Age: Ageless
Height: Tall. Very.
Weight: Slim
Frame Size:
SSXC Gear: Regan is now based out of cumberland and is a mechanic at one of our favourite bike shops, Trail Bicycles. Regan brings a wealth of experience to the Naked Factory Racing Team and has spent many years wrenching for cyclists on the Canadian Cyclo-Cross National Team.

Regan is working hard on developing our racers and sponsorship program.

Sam Whittingham – Captain and Bike Builder!

Years Racing CX: 5 (plus 2 years in late 90’s)
Age: 46
Height: 172cm
Weight: 150lbs
Frame Size: 53 seat 55 top
SSXC Gear: 50 x 24 (belt drive)
* Maker of Bicycles
* Worlds second fastest man
* SS cyclocross racer currently posing as a runner Born and bred on the west coast in land of hemp and honey. I am fascinated by things that are simple in concept and very difficult in execution. Bikes, are like that. Bike racing is like that. Cyclocross race is definitely like that. Making “naked” bikes, by hand, on Quadra Island for the last 15 years, is all about living this philosophy.The autumnal fraternity that manifests cross racing is all about this. It is the answer to what many road and mountain bike racers end up pondering: “How can I make riding my bike EVEN HARDER?” Cyclocross, of course, is the answer.

For a few of us we, dare to peer even further into the abyss and boldly yell: “yeah, well, I’m going to do this insanity with one gear.”

This, then is the genesis of the Naked factory racing team. Our mission: To bring naked single hickster cross stoke to the huddled masses one hand-up at a time.

All for one gear, and one gear for all