COTR 1: Cumberland Coal Cross

Words, Photos: Terry McKall Friday 6pm — The Penta-Cat Alleycat, Victoria BC Undaunted by the weekend of racing ahead, or maybe just too impatient to wait all of 24 hours to start the islands fall CX season, Naked SSCX takes to the streets for the first annual Penta-Cat Alleycat. Organized by friends, anything funds left … Continued

The Inaugural Naked SSCX Gravel Triple-Crown Ride

Hills, Dust, and Burning Clutch: The Inaugural Naked SSCX Gravel Triple-Crown Ride Words: Jonathan Johnson (TW: @jonolafjohnson; IG: @jonjohns) Photos: Colin Hynes (TW: @colinhynes; IG: @colinhynes) We’re packing for our Salt Spring Island gravel Triple-Crown ride on a Sunday—bags are thrown into vehicles, racks are fiddled with, and there’s talk of getting food. But everything … Continued

Press Release

In partnership with Stuckylife and Broad Street Cycles, Naked Bicycles is proud to announce the first ever Naked Factory Racing single-speed ‘cross team (Naked SSCX) for the 2014 cyclocross season. With support from Quadra Island-based bike manufacturer Naked Bicycles, Naked SSCX will be racing on custom tailored single speed Naked Team X steel cyclocross bikes … Continued