Elle Pirahna: Maggie Coles-Lyster’s titanium track bike

Here at Naked Factory Racing we really like ‘cross, and that’s most of what we talk about. And we talk about it alot. But Sam’s roots are on the boards of a velodrome. So, when Maggie Coles-Lyster, Junior World Champion in the Points race and second in the Omnium, found herself without a bike earlier … Continued

Cross-toberfest! All the action from the middle-month of cross on the coast

After launching into the Cyclocross season full-tilt with a busy September, October was … just as jam-packed with races. Between Cross on the Rock races on the Island and venturing over to the big, scary Mainland for VCXC events, every weekend had a race. Or two. Nanaimo started Cross-toberfest off with Kona Kup, a post-turkey … Continued

Sweeping out the cobwebs – NFR’s speedy September

Cross arrived suddenly this year, it seemed. When the start gun fired at Topaz GP, some of us were more ready than others. Here at Naked Factory Racing, we existed in various states from fit and focused (most of us) to disorganized-verging-on-chaos (Terry). The women of Naked Factory Racing were looking sharp and on top … Continued

Short Down Under update for Naked Racer Jamie

Quick update: Naked Factory racer, Jamie Cameron, has picked up and moved to the Southern skies of New Zealand. The cyclocross racing scene is in full swing down under and Jamie has already tackled 2 Kiwi races, expertly riding into 4th place at the Fog City Cyclocross race in Hamilton, NZ. The terrain is proving … Continued

Cross on the Rock 2017 Season

  This post started as a look back at the Cross on the Rock season through the lens of results. Two things happened. First, I quickly realized there’s only so many ways you can combine “Mical,” “Emilly” and “podium” in the same sentence without sounding like a broken LP played at 45rpm. The two didn’t … Continued

Naked in the Valley: BC ValleyCross Provincials

Last weekend, Canada’s west coast cyclocross season wrapped up – mostly – with BC Cyclocross Provincial Championships at Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford. A small gang of five made up Naked Factory Racing‘s team, supported, as always, by Regan and Laila in the pits. We showed up with a small crew, but we walked away … Continued

The Biggest Tool in the Shed

You know that amazing adjuster-hammer-wrenchy-thingy-bob in your tool box that you have relied on for years. You use it daily, for so long, you can’t even quite recall how it got there. You are incredibly fussy about who gets to use it. Only a select few know how to handle it. It is for pro … Continued

Naked Factory Racing 2017/2018 Update

We’re partway into the 2017/18 cyclocross season and we’re just catching our breath enough to update all of the exciting changes that have happened this year. And there’s a ton that’s happened so far! We’ve added a bunch of new, talented teammates, we’ve welcomed the support of an incredible group of sponsors, and, oh yeah, … Continued